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tv   [untitled]    September 2, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome back to the san francisco full board of supervisors meeting of september 2, 2014. i hope everyone had a good recess madam clerk call the roll >> sxhoovltz. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. president chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. mr. president, all members are present >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, could you, please join us in the pledge of allegiance.
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of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all >> colleagues, we have board of meeting minutes of july the 22 and 29 can i have a motion to approval. motion by supervisor kim and second by supervisor tang without objection those are approved any communications >> yes. we're in correspondence from a memo communicating the second declaration of a local emergency recommended to the rim fire and pursuant to charter section an administrative code cheaper 7 it is without reference on today is meeting agenda. and workman's comp why not our consent agenda >> items 1 through 5 the consent calendar and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission.
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>> colleagues would anyone like to sever anything. >> item number 4 please. with that, let's take a roll call vote. >> supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. supervisor breed. supervisor campos. supervisor chiu. supervisor cowen. supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. supervisor mar. there are 11 i's. those ordinances are finally passed item 4 >> an ordinance amending and upgrading the police code or in the restrictions and less permit dives removing obsolete code. >> supervisor breed. >> colleagues today, i have
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amendments to this legislation and want to talk about those. after noticeable concerns by the members of the entertainment commission as well as the san francisco police department i set out to update the codes and hopefully make things easier for small businesses. the legislation makes a distinction between bars that have arcadia games like a laundromat that have arcadia games the circumstances are different for bars and the entertainment commission want to be able to engage with those bars on their good neighbor policy. a bar can have one game without a permit but more than that a permit needed. at the land use committee supervisor kim offered an amendment that said a bar can have up to four games i
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whooerldz support they are amendment we passed that, however, the entertainment commission staff and police department expressed some concerns to this change namely they were urban comfortable with the idea of having bars with 2 or more or cascade games being exempted it is better than we were proposing to pass specifically the amendments i'm offering about maintain the exemption for non-bars up to 10 games and allow bars to have one gavin newsom without a permit and streamlines the progression for bars between 2 and 10 games. those bars will be able to apply for a staff level permit issued by entertainment commission director or his or her representative the small business owner will not have to
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go before the committee and they will also not be required to pay the $740 permit fee application fee to those particular businesses with no more than 10 games we drafted the bill to make the process as quickly and painful as possible the staff level permit all the time this is a relating new structure for the entertainment commission they currently issue staff level temporary permits but this better safe than sorry will be the first over the counter permit for a business in the a great step forward in approving the cumbersome and expensive process. my amendments also clarify a couple of procedural items rewarding how the entertainment commission permits are
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considered and appealed the amendments reduce the burden while addressing the police department concerns with oversight and the current version bars with 5 to 10 games will have to pay the seven hundred plus now a staff level permit for freebie submitting those to the entertainment commission during the recess we were voting amazing to support the legislation i want to thank a lot of folks in the entertainment commission that explained and gave me a perspective of how they've been a support in having small business owners having great relationships with the neighborhood pr redd man of the san francisco police department and the small business
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commission and the deputy director thank you for making the changes and my co-sponsors supervisor wiener and supervisor kim. depth john gibner, deputy city attorney said it is required for another reading but not require is a return to committee. colleagues, i ask for your support in moving this legislation forward and giving ms. pack man the permit it needs thank you >> thank you, ma'am pinball what has been marked as arrested and supervisor breed has made a motion. and actually we'll take that without objection. that will be the case and supervisor breed has asked to continue for one week seconded by >> i apologize president chiu that is considered the first
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first reading and up for a second reading next week. so >> if we were to pass it today with the amendments it would be considered a first reading and not a second reading. >> i understand their now and then skufb so colleagues, can we pass this without objection. it will now sit for one more week for a second reading next week >> okay madam clerk item 6. >> it's a resolution to designate the following neighborhood and newspapers to be the outreach for specific communities small business exchange for the african-american and chinese and hispanic communities and will journal for the chinese community the san francisco bay area for the african-american and the bay area for the lgbt
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community and the central city neighborhood and the western edition for that neighborhood and marie times for the northern san francisco neighborhood and the we thought portal newspaper and the dog patch and mission bay all for attorneys through 2014-2015. >> colleagues, same house, same call? without objection this resolution is adapted. item 7 >> item 7 is a resolution to approval on emergency public work contract between the public utilities commission's and flatiron we thought west to repair the ac duck what a contract unanimous not to exceed $14 million arrest some item 8. >> is an ordinance to create the underground on wiggle alley and making the environmental
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finding. >> same house, same call? this ordinance is passed on the first reading colleagues, we don't have any 2:30 accomodation sins we have a couple of 3:30 accommodations roll call vote first to introduce new business supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk and i have a few today. first, i am introducing a hearing request recommending to the city's policies for the and retrieval of stolen vehicles colleagues i'm sure we get contacted someone's car is stolen and dumped in the city and ultimately toad and the person that has done nothing's wrong ends up be responsible for
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hundreds of thousands i have dollars in storage fees and so forth currently when an officer finds a stolen vehicle the person will have 20 minutes to come to the scene is retrieve the cars obviously most people are not going to be able to do that it gets toad and if you're a san francisco resident you have a 4 hour embrace period and not pay storage fees sometimes, people learn about it days or weeks after the fact and their fees end up being huge sometimes more than the value of the car and then the car is auctioned off. so it's not an acceptable situation we're treating people who have been victims of crime we're treating them as if
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they've done something wrong it's not appropriate for the city to be treating it's residents or visitor of the city or people who live elsewhere where their cars are dumped in san francisco so call an auto return or the police department or mta to get on the record the fee schedule and the actual policies and practices of the various agencies in terms of dealing with people who's cars have been stolen and toad it comes up for renegotiation next year. actually, i'm a fan of auto return i think that auto return has cleaned up a problematic situation with the city's contracts but this contract is being negotiated it has to take a look at the fact that owners
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don't be treated wrongly that will be our responsibility to send the message it will come back to the board of supervisors without fees for people's cars who have been stolen and toad >> i have to memoriams first from nancy roderick who is a resident of noah valley and a she was a new year's eve native that passed away on august 5th and graduated locally and was active in new year's eve of the parish and helped found the daycare center was married to bob rod i can who was the president of the professional association and the two have
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three children so nancy was someone who was universally admired in the neighborhood and her passing is a tragedy another one is a sad situation. the second memoriam is - my apologies. my second memoriam is for bryan higgins who also known in the community as feather who was american people active member of the fairies he was liked in the community and lived in san francisco for about 5 years worked at roman beggars deli and he was attacked and render unconscious on august 10th in the hospital for 3 days before
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we passed away before no one knew probation officer who feather was he was identified and the investigation is ongoing we don't know what happened it's a video it's showing it feather was assaulted and this attack has a lot of people on edge in the neighborhood. the castro upper market area has been for many, many years a haven for the lgbt community we have people being attacked and dying in our neighborhoods. it is really reminds us even though this neighborhood is a russian bad things happen we have to be having any left-hand turn and work hard to keep folks safe for the lgbt community and everyone the rest i'll submit >> thank you, supervisor
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wiener. supervisor yee submit. okay supervisor avalos >> thank you madam clerk colleagues, i have two resolutions for introduction both you're going congress so take action on two important issues one the first one is the use of non-therapyic antibiotics a bill pending before congress we have health impacts it come down to us at various levels and our cities and counties bans antibiotics used for non-therapyic results on livestock those are tremor costs that are born by people's pocketbooks to maintain they're a health when we receive infections it increases the
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resistance of bacteria that gets into our cattle and the use of abandoning the use of no non-therapyic will reduce the bacteria into our food and urging the congress to pass legislation. following the democratic central committee vote on the neutral cash tax i urge the congress to pass the carbon tax the way the tax will work with the attacks on the economic stream we're at the port of the united states the tax on carbon and fossil fuels but the neutral side of the tax will be the tax credit to the middle-class and working
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class households not to see the tax itself i directly effects the production of oil and in the hopes of actually enabling greater measures to reduce oil consumption. i have one other measure for introduction a lease disposition and agreement for the geneva carbarn a landmark building on the corner of given and it's part of san francisco hates in despite need of investment there's 10 years of work that the community has raised awareness of the needs of renovating this building a great plan in place once we receive funding to be able to have the
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youth programming and economic development pramz and arts we have had really great design work by design with pro bono work the design is beautiful part of the point of raising the money is the environmental review this lease disposition agreement references the categorical exemption from review and insures we have the documents in place to move forward so i'll be going to committee and looking forward to our support on this project. the rest i'll submit >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor campos. thank you very much madam clerk and welcome back i have one item
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to talk about a very important issue we've heard a lot about in the last few weeks the issue the crisis that is facing our country as we have tens of thousands of children fleeing violence in mexico and el salvador. gangs have effectively taken over parts of those criticize many of those towns and cities in those countries are run by those gangs to the extent that many parents are unfortunately making the impossible decision to send their kids on a very dangers journey from those countries to the itself. they're known as the could i do not who's job is to bring the child over to the united states
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about 63 thousand kids have been apprehend in the first, few months alone and released to a custody to their friends or family in the san francisco bay area. when this occurs the child's status is jaurthd and i think that when the history of the obama administration was written this is one of those saddest moments in the tenure of this president because it is truly a crisis that was created by this market values the idea of competently that he had thousands of those cases without insuring that those kids each one of those cases there are


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